Written Thursday March 21, 2013

Boulder Hut 03-10-2013

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I had another great week up at Boulder Hut Adventures. The week started out with a blue-bird day Monday. We headed up to Brin’s Bump for a run and we ended up skiing it twice because it was so good.

Check out video of Rick skiing on the second run.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, we had new snow and lots of powder tree skiing. This was some of the best skiing on the trip. In fact the skiing was so good, I left my camera at the hut and just enjoyed the 2 days of climbing and skiing, and climbing and skiing, and …

Unfortunately, on Thursday, we woke up to rain at the hut. A group of us took the day off. I expected the next few days to be really crappy skiing. But the snow up high turned out to be in decent condition. On Friday we made it up to Boulder Pass and spent the day searching for good skiable snow and we managed to find some.

It was supposed to snow Saturday afternoon, so we decided to a little exploring up high in the morning. We went up to Porcupine Ridge in the morning for some views. The snow ended up coming in early we ended up spending the rest of the day lapping the runs in the Lakes District.

show picture of everyone at last run

It was another great group of guests at the Hut this year.The staff was amazing and as usual the food was one of the highlights of the trip. I am looking forward to next year.

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