Written Sunday July 29, 2012

Tamanos Mt 07-28-2012

Tags: hiking rainier

Last year, I hiked up to Owyhigh Lake on a cloudy, drizzly day. I decided it was time to go back on a clear day to see the sights and to climb Tamanos Mt.

This is a beautiful hike. You for go up through old-ish forest (ie big trees, little understory) and end up in meadows and a beautiful lake. The trail is in great condition and makes the steady climb up to the lake feel easy.

I got to the trailhead early-ish and was one of the only cars in the parking lot. I passed a few backpackers on their way out, but did not see another soul till I was coming back down of Tamanos Mt.

I made it up to the lake in about 1.5hrs. The flowers are just starting now. By next weekend, they will be in full bloom. I had a quick bite to eat at the lake and then headed up to the pass where the trail up Tamanos Mt starts.

The trail heads up to a saddle below Tamanos Mt. The views are spectacular, Rainier, ofcourse, and good views of Mt Adams and Goat Rocks. There is a pretty good trail up from the saddle the peak, with only a quick, little scramble at the end.

The views all along the way were stunning and the flowers were blooming up here too. When I got to the top, I could see the marine layer was still covering the low-lands. I was happy I choose this side of Rainier as I had nothing but clear, blue skies all day long.

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