Written Saturday November 26, 2011

Grand Canyon (Day 1) -- 11/18/2011

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View from the top of the Grandview Trail

Garrett and I went to the Grand Canyon for a very quick 3 day backpack in late November. It was a very quick trip to this amazing place (way too quick).  We lucked out and got great weather and had an fantastic trip.  

Day 1 was a friday. We flew Phoenix from Seattle on a ridiculously early flight.  In Phoenix, we rented a car, headed to Flagstaff to pickup the food and other supplies we needed. And then on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

This all took much longer that we had optimisitically hoped it would.  We ended up getting to the Grandview trailhead around 4pm and did not start down till 4:30pm (2 hours later than we hoped).

Our campsite

As you would expect, we got our campsite on Horseshoe Mesa in the dark.  We made some dinner and spent the evening playing with long exposure shots.

The next morning, we got up early and got to see all the views from our campsite. They were impressive. As we lounged around drinking coffee and taking pictures we started discussing our schedule for the day. 

>The view from our campsite

For some unknown reason, we both thought we had about 5 miles to our next campsite, so we started planning some side trips.  But as I was looking at the trail description, I realized it was actually 8.4 miles to our next camp at the base of Red Canyon. We ended up heading straight down the river, without any side trips. Those were left for the next trip.

See the next blog entries for on day 2 or 3.


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